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Golf Sun Glasses, Polarized, UV 400, Clip on CapOur glasses have been designed by an outdoor sports enthusiast, and keen golfer. He knows the importance of wearing a cap or visor in the sun; however that is not always enough. The Sports Sunglasses provide safety with 100% protection from harmful UV rays and dangerous glare. A cap and Sports Sunglasses go perfectly together.

For those people who do not enjoy the feel of ordinary sunglasses for long periods, the Super Eyeprotect System was designed for comfortable extended wear. We're very proud of our unique combination of advance joints and adjustable clips to fit any form of peak. They even provide the convenience of tilting up and down for a different perspective on that vital shot.

Fishing Sun Glasses, Polarized, UV 400, Clip on capWhether you play Golf, Fish, Cycle, Run, Sail or spectate or simply enjoy the outdoor life, clip on your Sports Sunglasses.

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