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many advantages Super Eyeprotect System provides...

Unique characteristics

Sports Clip on SunglassesFits any Brim: curved or flat, the Sports Sunglasses fit perfectly.

Easily Width Adjustable Sunglasses on CapEasily Adjustable: the clips are easily altered to fit all brim widths (5.5-7.2 inches).

Advance Joint Flipup SunglassesEasily Flipping Up: advance joint makes the flipping-up so easily.

Improved characteristics than other sunglasses

Polarized, UV 400UV 400: 100% protection against harmful UV rays.

Polarized Lens: possibly the most important factor in reducing glare. Vital for water sports (and for looking for the golf ball that went slightly off line).

Impact Resistant High Quality Lens SunglassesImpact Resistant High Quality Lens: Play your sport in safety.

Lightweight Construction: designed to be worn in comfort for long periods of time. Let the cap do the work.

Wraparound Lens: optimal shielding from sun and wind.

* The product can only be used on headgear with a brim or peak.

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